Summer Vacation

It’s two weeks now since school let out. We’re still trying to settle into the summer routine. By the time we do settle in, it will be time to go back to school.

There are no big plans for the summer, no trips in store. The biggest event will be the return of George and Gracie to our house for prolonged dog-sitting. It’s my once a year opportunity to become the crazy dog lady. I could do worse!

The deck is set up, the house is clean and — get this– so is the front porch. Plenty of hangout space to enjoy the summer days.

What are you up to?

And… It’s Almost Back

Major laptop crash a week ago last Saturday. New laptop arrived yesterday, and I have much of my programs reinstalled. I also have a migraine — either the weather or too much excitement from getting my software back.

Q is for Queen, Of Course!!

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I wasn’t going to pass up another opportunity to share some Queen with you. I know this is a lame short post, but the videos will be worth it.
Bohemian Rhapsody

Fat Bottomed Girls (I resemble that title!)

Don’t Stop Me Now

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