Decision Time

I’ve not been happy with my hair for a while. The length is fine, and I’ve gotten accustomed to the fact that it will do what it wants to. The problem is the color. I get foils every 3 months or so, so it’s not my actual color you see. Naturally, I’m quite grey upfront and an ugly mouse ash brown in the back.

I’ve had a variety of red, brown, and occasionally blonde foils added to my hair. I think I’m just sick of the entire process in that it doesn’t STAY. I started going grey at 25, so maybe after 32 years, I have finally come to grips with the fact that I have some grey hair.

No more foils; I’m just going to let it all grow out, and periodically get it cut back until the foils are gone from my hair. This is how it looks today.

Let’s see how this progresses.

O is for Oops, I Forgot to Post

It’s been a busy week. I’ve crashed early several nights, so I wasn’t as timely as I should be with posting. But here I am.

Tonight, I went down to the local brew pub with a couple friends and we started a batch of beer. In two weeks, we’ll bottle around 72 22 oz. bottles of a nice amber lager. I am looking forward to eating hamburgers and having a beer with friends.

I plan to be more timely, but I will take a break on Saturday and post on Sunday. Once you see the topic, you’ll know why I picked to post P on Sunday.

See you in a couple…

N is for Not Me

Around my house, there is someone who is responsible for most of the mess and problems. Their name is Not Me. Not Me puts dirty dishes into the cupboards. Not Me plugged the toilet. Not Me forgot to feed the dogs. Not Me left all the lights on.

What does Not Me do at your house?